Policies & Procedures


It's the single most important aspect of our job as groomers.  

Your time, our time.  

Working with unpredictable animals is always the unknown.  We can factor in what it takes to finish a task but, events happen with schedules, procedures and technology that we can't always control.

It is our policy to take our time and be though so accidents don't happen to pets (your little family member) or people (us).  We transform pets from what the elements do to them in weeks without  grooming and bring them back to a fabulous, clean condition within a very short time.

Please know that we are caring for them when they are with us and we have their best interest at heart.  So we ask for time and understanding to complete them without a rush.

Extreme Matting

It is our policy NOT to attempt a brush-out on a matted coat in order to keep fur on the body.  We call this humanity over vanity!  

Excess brushing and pulling is painful to the pet and can cause brush burn on the skin as well as hematomas on the ears. 

It is not our desire to lecture anyone about how often they bring their pet in for grooming but we will always choose the most humane course of action regarding matting and an animals well being. 

Puppies & Kittens

We love fur babies.  We want them to get to know us and become accustomed to the grooming environment as soon as possible.  Our policy is to wait until the pet is at least 16 weeks of age and has had their second set of shots.  (Proof required)

Mom's to be

It is our policy NOT to schedule pregnant pet's for full grooming for their safety and well being.  If you have a mom to be we would gladly provide a quick belly trim, sanitary trim and nail clipping to get them ready for their big day.  While you wait.

Senior Pets

We love senior pets and are happy to spruce them up.  We will require extra time and understand that geriatric pets can experience grooming as a very stressful event.  If your pet can not stand for long periods of time we will groom them on the floor, our tubs and tables are electric and will lower to the floor so they do not have to jump.  We use padded slings to hold them in place if grooming on the table.  If there is a procedure that we are not able to accomplish do to age or injury we will let you know about it.  In case of a health emergency we will call you immediately and assist you in any way we can. 

Anal Gland Expression

We do not express glands for dog's or cat's.  For the health and medical safety of the pet we recommend this procedure be done by a veterinarian or veterinary technician. This procedure is an important part of your pet's heath care.  We as groomers are not trained in diagnosing or pre-screening for anal gland health issues.