Dog Grooming at Little Diggers includes:

  • Nail Trim
  • Nail Grinding ( if pet allows)
  • Trimming of hair between the toes and pads of feet
  • Ear Cleaning & Hair Removal
  • Sanitary Trim (private parts)
  • Bathing
  • Hand or Fan Drying 
  • Brush-out
  • De-shed
  • Breed specific cut 
  • Owner desired cut

De-shed on a double coated breed

If you have a double coated breed you'll know it.  More than likely your house, vehicle and clothing are always collecting tufts and strands of unwanted hair.  Ideally the double coated pet could use a deep clean, de-shed and blow out four times a year. This will help with home maintenance, shedding, overall skin condition and nail care.

This video shows a double coated dog with a compacted coat of about six months.  He is now going through the blow out process.  All of that hair is now where it should be, not at home on the furniture.  Enjoy!!!

De-shed on Double Coat

By Derek