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Cat Grooming

Cat grooming is an important part of our services here at Little Diggers. Cat's do groom themselves however, when they get older they may experience joint pain or overall stiffness that doesn't allow them to groom like they once did. Also, if your cat is an indoor/outdoor pet they may get into environmental elements such as dirt, oils and other undesirable debris that can mat the coat. That's where the groomer comes in. Depending on owner preference and condition of the cat's coat, professional cat grooming at Little Diggers includes:

  • Nail trimming
  • Ear cleaning
  • Bathing (with environmentally safe and natural pet shampoo)
  • Sanitary trim (private parts)
  • Brush-out 
  • Lion Clip
  • Full Shave-down 

* Cats are not predictable and are sometimes unable to tolerate the grooming process. If this occurs we will not continue the groom for everyone's safety and advise that the cat may need a sedative from their veterinarian in order to make them more comfortable and at ease for the next grooming.  We can then reschedule the appointment and make the necessary changes to your cat's specific needs.

(This is not a regular outcome but it does occur from time to time.)

Cat grooming is a somewhat lengthy process, once the cat has settled in we trim the nails, clean the ears, check the coat for matting. We then proceed with the brush and comb out or shaving process.  The cat then goes to the tub for a good de-greasing and bathing.  As you can imagine not all cats like the sounds of the water or getting wet in general so the bathing process can be time consuming.  For the safety of the cat we do not use a grooming loop to restrain them.  Unless, they are calm and just want to wander around the tub.  The cat is then towel dried generously so that the drying process goes more smoothly.  We will dry the cat with a hand dryer on the lowest setting, if the cat accepts that method of drying then life just got a little easier.  If not, then we have to use slight forced air fans in the safety of the kennel.  Once the cat is totally dry we move on to the final stage of grooming to clean up the hair cut, brush out or shave down.  Then, it's time to go home.  

The overall process is about three hours start to finish.